How to Do a 2006 Toyota Corolla Transmission Fluid Change

Your 2006 Toyota Corolla transmission needs regular fluid changes to stay lubricated and prepared for every drive. According to Toyota’s standard recommendation, changing the fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles is ideal.

The process is relatively straightforward and only requires some effort and the right tools. Here’s everything you’ll need to get going:

1. Remove the Fill Plug

Removing the fill plug is an essential step in performing a 2006 Toyota Corolla transmission fluid change. This step ensures that proper amounts of new fluid are added to your transmission.

The fill plug for your car’s transmission can be found on the right-hand side by removing the plastic cover that covers both drain bolt and overflow bolt.

You can reach the drain plug from either the engine bay, or by jacking up your vehicle. Alternatively, you can remove it underneath with a multi-headed drain-plug or sump-plug wrench.

Once the old fluid has been drained, clean the drain plug and install a new crush washer. Tighten it securely with a torque wrench at 29 lb-ft (lb-ft). Finally, refill your transmission with fresh WS automatic transmission fluid.

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2. Remove the Drain Plug

When changing your 2006 Toyota Corolla transmission fluid, you must remove the drain plug located underneath the pan. You can do this without raising your vehicle; however, it will be much easier to reach if you use ramps or jacks for lifting purposes.

Once the drain plug is removed, allow the old fluid to drain into a collection pan. Make sure your pan can hold at least ten quarts of transmission fluid.

Next, install a new crush washer in its place and tighten it using a torque wrench to 29 lb-ft of force.

3. Remove the Pan

When the time comes to drain your old transmission fluid, you’ll need to take out the pan. This process can be messy if your transmission doesn’t have a drain plug.

First, raise and support the vehicle with jack stands to prevent a vacuum and allow old fluid to drain more rapidly.

Once the vehicle is raised, locate and loosen all but two of its retaining bolts with a socket wrench in a crisscross pattern.

Once removed from the pan, clean the strainer assembly thoroughly to rid it of any debris clogging it. Additionally, check and replace any gaskets on the strainer as these may wear out over time.

4. Add the New Fluid

Once the drain plug has been taken out, add your new fluid. This step is straightforward but make sure not to overfill the transmission.

Your Toyota owner’s manual will specify the best type of transmission fluid for your model. It also specifies how many quarts are necessary to fill the transmission.

Fluid changes usually involve replacing the transmission filter, installing a new pan gasket and adding 3 to 6 quarts of antifreeze. Depending on your vehicle model, this process can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on what needs doing.

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5. Reinstall the Pan

Before reinstallation of the transmission pan, it must be thoroughly cleaned. This includes eliminating all traces of old fluid and wiping down its sealing surface.

Reinstalling the pan requires new filters and gaskets, both of which can be found at O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Determining whether to rebuild or replace a car’s transmission can be an intricate decision. It requires thorough knowledge of not only its components but also the value of repair versus replacement and which parts are applicable.

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